New Belgium Botanical Imperial IPA

I always look forward to new beers from New Belgium Brewing, they do not disappoint!

Beer is AWESOME!

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20th Anniversary Encore Series: Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

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I always look forward to new beers from Stone Brewing Co.! This Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout is made with unsweetened chocolate, is 9.2% ABV and is most-likely very malty and delicious. Look for this beer in stores now!

Beer is AWESOME!

Stone Brewing Co. Official YouTube Channel

Green Flash. Taste Enlightenment. (Beer)


If you have never tried any of the beers from this San Diego-based brewery then you are missing out! I had the pleasure of visiting their brewery a couple summers ago during my best friend Matt’s bachelor party brewery tour and was very impressed with their facility. The tour takes your around around part of the brewery and shows off their massive storage refrigerator and state-of-the-art bottling/labeling assembly line. The Jolly Folly IPA (pictured below) just came and is only available during this holiday season so keep your eyes peeled for it. Click the link below to and see if it is distributed near you!

Beer is AWESOME!

Green Flash Jolly


Green Flash Brewing Co. Official Website

Green Flash Brewing Co. Official YouTube Channel

“Brewed the Easy Way?” Ninkasi Craft Beer Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Parody

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