Glass Animals – Youth (Official Video)

It’s very exciting to see that Glass Animals is going to release their new album ‘How To Be A Human Being’ on August 28th! They are staying true to the sound of their debut album and I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer on their new one.

Music is AWESOME!

GlassAnimalsVEVO Official YouTube Channel

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Polyphia | Crush (Official Music Video)

I am really looking forward to their upcoming album entitled ‘Renaissance’ which comes out March 11th, 2016. These dudes shred!

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Music is AWESOME!

Polyphia Official YouTube Channel

Sketchy Urban MTB Run in Manizales | Marcelo Gutierrez

This guy is straight mobbin’ through this course! Would you be brave enough to do this?

Mountain Biking is AWESOME!

Red Bull US Official Website

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Polyphia | Euphoria (Official Music Video)

Start off your Tuesday with some groovy progressive rock. Polyphia’s new album ‘Renaissance’ comes out next month, stay tuned!

Music is AWESOME!

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Polyphia Official YouTube Channel

Monster Energy: X Games Aspen 2016 Days 1-4 Highlights (Sports)

Check out the highlights from the last 4 days of X-Games!

Sports are AWESOME!

Monster Energy Official YouTube Channel


Magnified: Greyson Fletcher (Skateboarding)

This urban channel gap is on point, this guy is mobbin’ when he comes out of this!

Skateboarding is AWESOME!

Thrasher Magazine Official Website

Thrasher Magazine Official YouTube Channel

Burton Qualifiers: Mystery Hits at Powder Mountain, UT (Snowboarding)

Snowboarding is progressing so fast, it’s great to see these kids come out here and destroy the parks. Double backflip off a box feature…What?!

Snowboarding is AWESOME!

Burton Snowboards Official Website

Burton Snowboards Official YouTube Channel

PROPELLER – A Vans Skateboarding Tour: Buenos Aires

The bowls in the parks of South America always look amazing. There is something about how these parks flow so well.

Skateboarding is AWESOME!

Vans Official Website

Vans Official YouTube Channel

Mammoth Hot Laps 2 | TransWorld SNOWboarding

The park setup at Mammoth Mountain looks so proper right now!

Snowboarding is AWESOME!

Transworld SNOWboarding Official Website

Transworld SNOWboarding Official YouTube Channel

Dalton Dern Strictly Standard | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Dalton Dern is not afraid of sketchy rails and short runways.

Skateboarding is AWESOME!

Transworld Skateboarding Official Website

Transworld SKATEboarding Official YouTube Channel