Polyphia | Crush (Official Music Video)

I am really looking forward to their upcoming album entitled ‘Renaissance’ which comes out March 11th, 2016. These dudes shred!

Preorder ‘Renaissance’ : http://polyphia.merchnow.com/

Music is AWESOME!

Polyphia Official YouTube Channel


Progressive Metal has been making a big comeback over the past few years. Although many bands in this genre have vocalists, the strictly instrumental bands that have making their way to the surface provide for excellent  background music that is easy to listen to from the first to last song on every album. Pomegranate Tiger is a perfect example of Prog Metal with their use of sweeping melodic guitar and intricate drum patterns. Their new album ‘Boundless’ will be released on December 11th, 2015 so be sure to reserve your copy now! (Links below)

Music is AWESOME!

Buy Digital Copy: http://apple.co/1PQiEoe

Buy Physical Copy: http://pomegranatetiger.bigcartel.com/

Pomegranate Tiger Official YouTube Channel

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Polyphia Official YouTube Channel

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