Happy National Scotch Day!

Scotch Burgundy

“I Love Scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly…”

Polyphia | Crush (Official Music Video)

I am really looking forward to their upcoming album entitled ‘Renaissance’ which comes out March 11th, 2016. These dudes shred!

Preorder ‘Renaissance’ : http://polyphia.merchnow.com/

Music is AWESOME!

Polyphia Official YouTube Channel

Sketchy Urban MTB Run in Manizales | Marcelo Gutierrez

This guy is straight mobbin’ through this course! Would you be brave enough to do this?

Mountain Biking is AWESOME!

Red Bull US Official Website

Red Bull Official YouTube Channel


AFTER THE BURIAL – “Dig Deep” (Full Album Stream)

Although there has been quite a bit of controversy  surrounding this band over the past year, it is always exciting to hear brand new albums before they are released for sale. I’m sure that Justin Lowe would have loved this! RIP

Music is AWESOME!

Order ‘Dig Deep’ on iTunes

Sumerian Records Official Website

Sumerian Records Official YouTube Channel

Nitro Snowboards 2016 Demo Tour at Boyne Mountain

Solid park laps during a snowstorm, need I say more? Oh yeah…

Snowboarding is AWESOME!

Nitro Snowboards Official YouTube Channel

Polyphia | Euphoria (Official Music Video)

Start off your Tuesday with some groovy progressive rock. Polyphia’s new album ‘Renaissance’ comes out next month, stay tuned!

Music is AWESOME!

Pre-order ‘Renaissance’

Polyphia Official YouTube Channel

New Belgium Botanical Imperial IPA

I always look forward to new beers from New Belgium Brewing, they do not disappoint!

Beer is AWESOME!

new belgium png





New Belgium Brewing Official YouTube Channel


Pepper – “Start You Up” (Music Video)

I hope their next album sounds just like this!

Music is AWESOME!

Buy Digital Copy on iTunes

Pepper Official YouTube Channel

Full Part : Fred Couderc — Paradigms movie | TransWorld SNOWboarding

Fred Couderc makes snowboarding look steezy and easy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a backcountry kicker or an urban wallride, this dude shreds.

Snowboarding is AWESOME!

Transworld SNOWboarding Official Website

Transworld SNOWboarding Official YouTube Channel

Asking Alexandria just released this music video to one of their new singles. Dennis’s vocals sound a lot like the old Danny Worsnop back in the “(The Final Episode: Let’s Change the Channel)” days, yet the instrumentals aren’t as breakdown-y. What do you think, Does it sound like the old Asking Alexandria to you?

Music is AWESOME!

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Sumerian Records Official YouTube Channel